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Hello! My name is Anne and I’m a happy mountain gal!


Welcome to my website. I am excited to share my adventures with you as I get healthy and take on new activities to enjoy in retirement.  I am looking forward to sharing recipes, healthy eating and exercising tips, and “together” activities you can share with your partner.  In addition, each Sunday, I will share some random mountain musings.

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Hey there, I’m Anne

Hello! My name is Anne and I’m a happy mountain gal! I live in the foothills of Colorado so, not technically in the mountains, but at 8000 ft, it is pretty close! I love the outdoors as well as crafting and am looking forward to having more time on the hobbies I love when I retire in a few years. That is why I decided to start a blog – to share my journey as I navigate the path to retirement.

I live with my husband (Mountain Guy) and our three dogs. We have three boys and a grand-puppy. Our youngest still lives with us but we will soon be empty nesters – that will be an adventure too!

So, join me for some fun and learn along the way!

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