This is my go-to salad for the work week. I purchased divided plastic containers for these salads. I place mixed greens in the larger compartment and top with halved grape tomatoes and chopped chicken. Sometimes I grill my own chicken but I usually buy some deli chicken to save time. Adding other vegetables or fresh herbs are options to add more flavor and interest. In the small compartment, I add a package of snacking cheese and a small container of dressing. The snacking cheese can be added to the salad or eaten separately. For the dressing, I just use flavored vinegar rather than a traditional oil and vinegar dressing. If you don’t want to go that extreme, I recommend making your own vinaigrette but use less oil.

Here are two salads ready to go.  I just have to pour the vinegar in the small container (pink and blue lids) and I have a delicious, healthy lunch!