One aspect of being healthy that I am working on is losing weight. Like many of you, the last year living through a worldwide pandemic has been tough on my waistline. I don’t want to wait until I’m retired to work on achieving my ideal wait. I want to reap the benefits now and enjoy life more without having to always be on a diet.After many false starts, I finally began to seriously lose weight this summer. I have tried many, many diets over the years including Whole30, Weight Watchers, Keto, Paleo, and the South Beach diets.Although you can successfully lose weight on all of these diets, they all have their negative aspects. Some are too restrictive and some require too much tracking. I wanted a plan that was somewhat restrictive to give me structure, but I didn’t want to count macros or calories because I knew that I could not sustain that program for very long.I ended up choosing the South Beach diet and have lost over 15 pounds so far! I have cut carbs out of my diet most of the time but have not stressed when I occasionally slip. I have been able to get back on the program and stay motivated.It is hard to keep to a healthy eating plan while working in an office if you don’t pack your own lunch. I find that salads are the best lunch for me during my work week and there are so many possibilities! Today I want to share with you some favorite salads and tips to keep them interesting and healthy.